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Hello, I'm Hannah - a coach in Amsterdam.


If you want to start exploring + creating your own version of success, I am here to help.

I have extensive experience helping businesses and people identify + explore new directions or change.

I hold safe + non-judgemental space. Space for you to take. Space for you to think, process, and make the next steps and decisions that are right for you.

Hannah Ray - career coach Amsterdam


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Because you want to change careers or re-evaluate they way you do your current one.

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Because you want to focus your mind, lower stress, or find greater fulfilment in your day-to-day.

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Because you have (or want) your own business, and want to run it in alignment with your version own of success.

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Because you want someone to help you create a brand that reflects you + guides your success.

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Because you want to explore some kind of transition, change, or improvement in your life.

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Because you want to explore what's going on for you in a more integrated + body-based way.

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my mission?

To help you be more you, and be more successful + fulfilled because of it.

I believe that everyone deserves the space to explore ways of thinking, expressing and being, so that they can drop the 'shoulds' and live + work in a more enjoyable and fulfilling way.

But, we don't all have access to places where it feels safe or non-judgemental enough to do so. 

My job is to help you become more familiar and confident that everything you need is already inside you. Our work together is about finding it, drawing it out, and making it happen.

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I really believe in giving people time + space to think.


When do you ever really take time to sit with yourself and really explore what YOU think, what YOU want, what is best for YOU? 

We have so many things telling us what we should do in life (often with all the kindest and best intentions! - and sometimes not).

My coaching approach is not to tell you what to do. It's not to act as a mentor or a consultant. It is to be your thinking partner. Someone who really listens, and helps you find your OWN creativity, OWN expression, and OWN answers.


I bring both a practical, hands-on approach, and one that's more personable + intuitive. My style is warm yet firm, attentive + considered, with a peppering of playfulness.

I can help you explore how 'the thing' you want to work with is linked to all other areas of life and your whole self, as well as nailing down an action plan to help you get moving with it.

I draw on + blend a range of methods to suit you:

e.g. talking, listening, writing, perspective-shifting exercises, drawing, guided visualisations, yoga, practical planning tools.


I am a qualified Life + Business Coach. My training is approved by the ICF, Barefoot Coaching + University of Chester. I am continuing with a Post Graduate Certification over the next 3 years.

The qualification is also endorsed by the National Council of Psychotherapists.

I am also qualified as an 400hr advanced certified yoga teacher via Stretch London. I am trained by senior teachers + thought-leaders in the yoga world and an integrative counsellor. 

How can coaching work for you?

  • Explore + align with your own unique values, needs, natural strengths, desires & things you enjoy

  • Let go of what you think you *should* be doing or *should* be, to make room for successfully being and doing what really matters to you

  • Start living + working intentionally and responsively, instead of reactively

  • Tune your inner compass to help you more confidently show up as yourself

  • Create the conditions that best serve you + where you want to go

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“Hannah and I did 5 sessions of Life + Career Coaching. We worked on my values and goals to improve my productivity at work (at & focus my personal projects.

It was a great pleasure to share my ideas and thoughts with Hannah. She helped me to look at things from different angles and see things I wouldn't notice myself before.

Hannah is an attentive listener and created a very safe space for me to be honest. She prepared me some practices that made my thoughts & ideas feel easier and more structured.

After our cooperation, I will move forward with a clear vision of what I want and a loving attitude towards myself to enjoy the journey."


Frequently asked questions

What coaching services do you offer?

I offer life coaching, business coaching, career coaching, or a more therapeutic style via yoga therapy. These are pretty top level though. If you work with me, you will find out that, even though you came for e.g. career coaching, you will end up talking about life, relationships, confidence etc. too. These things are all linked! I also offer brand + business consulting for small businesses. I offer various packages, and my style blends my strategy experience with coaching methods. I can coach you on any topic (because I am trained to coach even if someone did not tell me any content!). My niche or expertise, is anything related to work e.g. career change, career development, work life balance, starting a business, going self employed, managing how you run your business, feeling more confident at work, balancing work with relationships, etc.

What are your qualifications?

1- COACHING The coaching industry is not regulated. Anyone can call themselves a coach. I am a qualified Life + Business Coach - trained by Barefoot Coaching. The course is approved by University of Chester, and is accredited by the International Coaching Federation - an international body who set moral, ethical and training standards for coaches. It is also endorsed by the National Council of Psychotherapists. As an extra addition to this, I am undertaking a Post Graduate Certification in Life + Business Coaching with Chester University over the next 3 years. 2- YOGA I am a 400hr qualified, advanced yoga teacher via Stretch London. Most recently, 150hr Advanced Therapeutic Teacher Yoga training. Led by 2 senior yoga teachers and a counsellor, this focused more on holding therapeutic space for students in a way that focuses on the whole person - not just body or mind. The first, 250hr Vinyasa teacher training. This was about understanding the tradition of yoga, as well as exploring how the body and movement can create more freedom or intimacy with the mind/ego. 3- STRATEGY CONSULTANT I have 10 years experience working in the creative communications industry. I have been a brand strategist in advertising agencies, working on brands like eBay, Tinder, adidas + Danone, and continue to freelance from time to time.

What is the difference between coaching, counselling and consulting?

Good question! This car driving analogy is a useful one... In coaching, you are focused on driving. Moving. Going somewhere. You might ocassionally look in the rear view mirror to investigate what's going on behind you, mostly to serve the pupose of helping you continue to move. In counselling (or therapy), you spend more time looking in the rear view mirror. You might even get out of the car and take a walk back down the road you came from to understand what brought you here. In consulting, you hire a co-driver. They help you clarify where you want to go, and then give you advice and ideas of how to best get there. Coaching is not a substitute for therapy or mental health treatment. Coaching is not about giving advice. Coaching is about helping you find your own movement.

What are your prices?

My introductory taster sessions (20-30mins) are free. Block prices start at €100/hr (excl. VAT) for 4 sessions. I also offer blocks of 6 and 8 where the price decreases slightly. I also offer one-off coaching sessions for €120/hr (excl. VAT). Consulting prices are different. I offer various packages spanning from 1 day to 8 weeks. These are for small business owners or creators. You can usually claim these investments back on your business or ask your employer to cover them as part of training budgets.

I don't live in Amsterdam. Can I work with you online?

Absolutely! Of course it is wonderful to do coaching in person, and I DO have a very mooi practice by the Amstel (check out Stories, Sarphatistraat). But doing coaching online has many other pros and offers something different to the experience that in-person doesn't. I am more than happy to do all, some, or a few of our sessions online. This is also a solution for people who either travel a lot for work, find it hard to travel to and from my practice before / during / after work, perhaps split their time between 2 cities, or simply would just prefer to do their coaching sessions online.

How long are coaching sessions? How many do I need?

Sessions are 1 hour (apart from the deep dive kick off session which is 2 hours). I keep track of time and will flag it throughout the session, so you don't have to think about it. After the deep dive kick off (which I do with all new clients), most people sign up for 6 or 8 sessions and do them weekly or bi-weekly. Everyone is different though, and depending on your goals you may want less or more. We can discuss this after the deep dive session and see what feels right.

How do I choose a coach?

The most important thing when looking for a coach, is to find someone you click with. Most coaches offer a free chat or taster session before you commit to working together, so try out a few. The relationship is the most important thing. Find a coach who you feel safe talking to, who you feel you can open up to, express yourself to, feel un-judged by. Find someone who you feel can create the right kind of space with you over the time you work together and gradually bring the best out of you. For example, you might find a coach who has amazing business success for their clients, but that does not necessarily mean they will help you go as deep as you can go to create the best version of success for you. Listen to your intstincts of how a coach makes you feel and then trust the rest of the process to follow.