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life coaching, career coaching and business coaching

TAKE Coaching | Hannah Ray

Welcome! I'm Hannah Ray. I offer life coaching, business coaching + career coaching in Amsterdam and online. My work focuses around the themes of work and wellbeing.

We can lose ourselves, our sense of direction or meaning for many reasons. It can happen gradually or suddenly, and make us overthink, self-doubt, lose our energy or feel stuck.

TAKE is for those looking for space to re-explore + re-connect with what's important, and take your work and wellbeing back in to your own hands. 

I offer safe + qualified coaching support for you to grow self-trust and clarity, so that you can create YOUR version of success.

All parts of you, your work and your life are invited and welcomed in this work, so that you can do the inner work that moves you forwards in a way that is effective, sustainable, aligned, meaningful and enhancing of YOU.
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for the gentle forces of the world;

the considered, driven, self-starting, variety + freedom-seeking, intentional, deep + creative thinkers who know that work is more than just work, and are therefore looking for an integrative + holistic coaching approach.

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Because you want to explore some kind of transition, change, or improvement in your life.

Because you want to hire a professional coach to coach your employees on confidence, competence and wellbeing.

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Because you want to change how you work, find more harmony, step up to leadership, or change careers entirely.

Because you want to explore what's going on for you in a more integrated + body-based way.

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Because you have or want to create your own business, and want support managing it in the way that's best for you.

Because you want specific life + business coaching for being a small business owner.


let's work together

Life is always changing, as are we. And for a whole range of reasons, we can gradually or suddenly get out of alignment, feel trapped, like we can't keep doing it like this; stuck.


Instead, I want more people to feel more self-knowing, self-trusting, and resourced, more of the time.

So, my mission is to reconnect you to your resourceful, resilient + healthy self so that you can adapt, feel well and find a way in life + work that feels like you once again.


I hold confidential space for you to find a sense of freedom; exploring ideas, ways of thinking, expressing and being - so that you can hear your own voice (again, or for the first time) and remember why you can believe in yourself and what you are and can be capable of. 

Our work together is about finding ways for you to unlearn and unstick easier from the stuff that holds you back, hear and follow your energy, take action, and spend more time doing life and work how you want.



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Listening + Thinking Space

I am here to hear you, and to help you hear yourself.

I do not judge and I have no agenda.

All of you is welcome.

We will do our most effective work together if we create and allow space for you to think, feel + connect, and be deeply listened to in the process. Doing this allows us to explore and pinpoint exactly how the thing you brought to coaching shows up for you, what feels familiar about it, how you experience it and what the edges of it are.

Without this deep level of trust + understanding between us, any other work is surface level. And my intention for our work together is to get a layer underneath, so that changes you end up making can be sustainable and lasting.

TAKE coaching universe

Tailored Tools

You have your own smart and complex ways of thinking. You have your own unique stories and experiences. You have your own unique blocks, challenges and reasons behind how you're currently doing things.

You'll also have your own preferences for learning, ways of communicating and thinking, and styles that will enable you to make lasting changes.

I spend time really listening and getting to know this so that I can curate and structure the coaching journey around you and your unique self. There's no 'one size fits all' with me. I bring in tools, or create tailored ones for you, when I know they are going to facilitate you to work through something specific we have identified.

I draw on a range of methods and modalities that I've trained in, to curate the journey and structure of our work together for you and your own unique challenges. My coaching approach is deeply practical and also has a therapeutic nature due to the blend of training I have done. My tool box includes:

  • Deep listening + reflecting

  • Nancy Klein's 'Time To Think' theory

  • CBT-informed coaching

  • Yoga therapy + somatic/embodied inquiry

  • Positive psychology

  • Gestalt techniques

  • Journaling + drawing

  • Guided visualisations with influences from meditation and Nidra

  • Neuro-linguistic programming

  • Transactional analysis


  • Qualified Life + Business Coach. My training is approved by ICF, Barefoot Coaching + University of Chester - internationally recognised as a hallmark of quality; delivered by experienced and practicing psychotherapists + coaches. The qualification is also endorsed by the National Council of Psychotherapists. It combines psychological depth + safety academic rigour and a practical focus. I have a thorough understanding and respect of the boundaries and limits of how coaching can be therapeutic vs. the discipline of counselling/therapy that deals with mental health, trauma, psychological issues etc. 

  • I have coached over 120 people through change and challenge (and counting!) - from the Netherlands, UK, Germany, France, Spain, USA, Australia.

  • Only about 20% of coaches take part in supervision of their practice - and I am one of them. This makes sure I am consistently receiving critical feedback and development around my expertise, blind spots, self-regulation, dynamic management, and safety in how I show up and hold space for you.

  • Consistent extra training; most recently: Relational Self-Awareness with PESI, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Coaches with Barefoot Coaching, modules with Human Givens Institute.

  • Business coach for women starting entrepreneurs and small business owners on the Momentum programme by Startupbootcamp Amsterdam and Equals (formerly We Rise)

  • 400hr advanced yoga therapy training with Stretch London/ Frog Lotus/ Embodied Beings - Calli Popham, Carl Faure (senior yoga teachers) + Conor Cregg (counsellor). Focus on creating safe containers for somatic and embodied exploration + expression.

  • Created + facilitated numerous workshops and group coaching clubs:

    • Career coaching workshop for teenagers

    • Resilience and wellbeing coaching workshops for progressive + people-first companies

    • Group coaching programmes for expats

    • Group coaching and wellness workshops at conferences


  • Panel guest on talks about career change (ADAMS Recruitment) and personal purpose (LWD Amsterdam) 

  • 10+ years as a Brand Strategist for advertising agencies and small businesses 

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How cOULD coaching work for you?

  • Listen to + trust yourself, your opinions and decisions more, instead of living by 'shoulds' and expectations

  • Find out what your wants, needs and likes are

  • Explore how you approach your work so that it, and your relationship with it, becomes more satisfying + aligned

  • Stop playing yourself down, staying small or dimming your voice; start taking yourself seriously and building the courage + confidence to make new moves

  • Become more aware of how you deal with things and experiment with new ways, so that you have a greater sense of choice and confidence to choose

  • Explore new ideas, exercises, mindset, rituals or systems that enable more confidence, creativity and flow

  • Take space to figure out what's really important to you, what you value + what you're going to do about it!

   Sound like something you might want to explore?

Photo of Hannah life coach at stories space sarphatistraat amsterdam


  • You want a coach who makes space and time to get to know your own unique and complex mind (hello, 2-hr kick off session!)​

  • You want a coach who actually listens to you and will adapt their approach and tools to you as the process develops, so that you can create things the way YOU want them to be (rather than prescribing a pre-set process and telling you 'the best' thing to do)

  • You want a coaching experience that has a therapeutic nature and includes a more holistic sense of you and your life - looking at how different areas of life will be playing in to or affecting the goals and challenges you want to work on

  • You want the space to think, explore and rewire longer threads of thoughts and patterns, so that change is deeper and longer-lasting

  • You want a coach who is gentle and warm, but will also get real and honest with you, and sit firmly with you in the 'less shiny' moments

   Are we on the same page?

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Coaching sessions are either online, so you can work with me from anywhere,

or in-person at my practice, Stories Sarphatistraat or Keizersgracht in Amsterdam.

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Photos of practice







“Hannah and I did 5 sessions of Life + Career Coaching. We worked on my values and goals to improve my productivity at work (at & focus my personal projects.

It was a great pleasure to share my ideas and thoughts with Hannah. She helped me to look at things from different angles and see things I wouldn't notice myself before.

Hannah is an attentive listener and created a very safe space for me to be honest. She prepared me some practices that made my thoughts & ideas feel easier and more structured.

After our cooperation, I will move forward with a clear vision of what I want and a loving attitude towards myself to enjoy the journey."

  • What is a Life Coach?
    Life coaches provide a safe space for you to explore where you are, where you want to go, what is holding you back, and what you can work on to get there. The main purpose is to be a thinking partner for you to explore + facilitate your own creativity + answers so that you can take your next step.
  • What should I expect from a Life Coach?
    A life coach helps you explore + reconnect with your own sense of self and resourcefulness. You should expect to be deeply listened to, asked questions, have someone reflect yourself back to you, and engage with tools, exercises etc. that help you find your own answers and figure out what you want to do with them. You should expect complete confidentiality, non-judgement, and unconditional positive regard. You can expect to have regular check ins about what is working or not working, and how you can keep moving forwards together.
  • Why might I need a Life Coach?
    Often people wait until they're in a sticky situation, or things have gotten a little too bad. If you're in this place, then you might need a life coach to help you explore what got you here, and how you want to move through + out of it. ​ Working with a life coach is also great when things feel pretty good, too. Life coaching can take your life from fine or good, to extra exciting, calmer and more content, or more fulfilling.
  • What are the benefits of hiring a Life Coach?
    - Navigating or making changes in career, work, business or personal life - Developing self-awareness, self-trust, self-belief, and self-esteem - Managing anxiety and stress - Setting + managing boundaries - Replenishing sense of wellbeing, energy and balance - Developing visions and setting goals - Exploring and articulating ideas, thoughts or feelings - Connecting with your creativity - Creating strategies, structures + frameworks for (sustainable!) action
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