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Career - Business - Life Coaching 
Hannah Ray

Welcome! I'm Hannah Ray - a therapeutic coach offering career, business + life coaching in Amsterdam.


If you want to connect with your own resourcefulness, build self-trust, and strengthen your own sense of value, so that you can explore + create your own version of success, I'm here.

I support with all things work. Think: career change, professional development, wellbeing, burnout, starting or running a small business, creativity, relationships, work life balance, money, identity, and communication.


My approach is both holistic + practical. I'll listen to you deeply and give you space to process + think; AND, importantly, we'll create change on various levels and get things moving.


I hold safe + judgement-free space for you to have an honest chat, unstick, and make moves that are more in tune with how you want life and work to be.

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Because you want to explore some kind of transition, change, or improvement in your life.

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Because you want to change careers or re-evaluate the way you do your current one.

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Because you have (or want) your own business, and want support managing it in the way that's best for you.

I also offer...

Because you want to focus your mind, lower stress, or find greater fulfilment in your day-to-day.

Workshops and group or 1-1 coaching for corporate companies and creative companies.

Because you want specific life + business coaching for being a small business owner.

Because you want to explore what's going on for you in a more integrated + body-based way.

Because you want someone to help you create a brand that reflects you + guides your success.


my mission

To facilitate you being more you, & being more resourceful, resilient + healthy in your work and life because of it.

I really believe that everyone deserves space to freely explore ways of thinking, expressing and being - so that they can find and listen to their own voice and realise, a) what they're already so capable of, and b) what else they're so capable of learning, nurturing and developing.


We don't all have access to people or places where it feels safe, confidential + non-judgemental enough to do so. 

My job is to hold space for you to become more familiar + trusting that everything you need is already inside you.

Our work together is about finding it and bringing it out, so that you can unstick faster from the stuff that holds you back, hear and follow your energy, take action, and spend more time doing life and work how you want.



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Space To Think + Explore

When was the last time someone really gave you time + space to think deeply, process, and explore ways of and edges to your thinking? You will get lots of this from me. 

TAKE coaching compass

Tailored Structure + Direction

The first 2hr session gets us really clear on your goals + challenges - both for yourself + our work together. What are they and why? I'm not the type of coach to offer a universal roadmap. Instead, I tailor each session to your unique situation.


Deep Listening

Have you experienced how different it feels, how seen you feel, when someone really, deeply listens? This is space for YOU. So, I listen.

TAKE coaching thinking partner

Judgement-Free Thinking Partner

It's nice when someone gives you ideas, but even more satisfying (and long lasting) when you figure out your own solutions, right? I've got a whole box of tools + exercises we can use. And I am also human with some very weird thoughts, so there is no judgement on whatever comes out of your mouth!

TAKE coaching universe


What is happening in the rest of your world? What shaped you? How does this affect other things in your life? We look at all the parts that are involved, and approach change in an integrated, holistic and sustainable way.


I am a qualified Life + Business Coach. My training is approved by ICF, Barefoot Coaching + University of Chester - internationally recognised as a hallmark of quality; delivered by experienced and practicing psychotherapists + coaches.

The qualification is also endorsed by the National Council of Psychotherapists.

It combines psychological depth, academic rigour and a practical focus.

I am consistently undertaking extra training, most recently: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Coaches with Barefoot Coaching, and modules with Human Givens Institute (PSA), UK.

Some theories I have been trained in, and draw on a lot in my coaching approach are: Nancy Klein's 'Time To Think' theory, CBT-informed coaching, positive psychology, Gestalt techniques,  journaling, yoga therapy, somatic/embodied awareness, and neuro-linguistic programming. 

Additionally, I've worked as a brand strategist in the advertising industry for 10+ years, developing strategies, developing creativity and facilitating workshops.

I am also qualified as an 400hr advanced certified yoga therapist via Stretch London. I am trained by senior teachers + thought-leaders in the yoga world and an integrative counsellor. I teach at yoga studios White Door and Bluebirds in Amsterdam.

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How cOULD coaching work for you?

  • Start trusting yourself, your opinions and your decisions more, instead of living by 'shoulds' and expectations

  • Find out what your wants, needs and likes are

  • Explore how you approach your work so that it, and your relationship with it, becomes more satisfying + aligned

  • Build a more solid foundation of belief in yourself, so that you can ride the waves of life with more resourcefulness and resilience

  • Become more aware of how you deal with things and experiment with new ways, so that you have a greater sense of choice and ability to choose

  • Explore new ideas, exercises, rituals or systems that enable more confidence, creativity and flow

  • Take space to figure out what's really important to you, what you value + what you're going to do about it!

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Coaching sessions are either online, so you can work with me from anywhere,

or in-person at my practice, Stories Sarphatistraat or Keizersgracht in Amsterdam.

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“Hannah and I did 5 sessions of Life + Career Coaching. We worked on my values and goals to improve my productivity at work (at & focus my personal projects.

It was a great pleasure to share my ideas and thoughts with Hannah. She helped me to look at things from different angles and see things I wouldn't notice myself before.

Hannah is an attentive listener and created a very safe space for me to be honest. She prepared me some practices that made my thoughts & ideas feel easier and more structured.

After our cooperation, I will move forward with a clear vision of what I want and a loving attitude towards myself to enjoy the journey."

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