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Hi, I'm Hannah - a mindfulness coach based in Amsterdam. 

If you feel pretty clear on your vision + goals, but feel like your mind is getting in the way, I'm here to help you.

I offer a range of mindset-shifting tools and methods from coaching, NLP + yoga therapy. Facilitating you to find space, clarity, and action.


Schedule a taster session and let's talk.

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I offer mindfulness based coaching. 'Mindfulness' meaning: the state of being fully present and available to the moment you are in.

You are not alone if you find being in the moment a challenge. Our brains are smart. They are wired to think about all possible scenarios, all possible futures, and to be able to dissect what happened in the past so that we can learn from it.

This is a survival technique. It's part of what makes us human.

It can also, however, become a roadblock if we get too caught up in it.

Ruminating over the same things, getting brain fog and sending ourselves in to  stressful thinking loops. It can prevent us from taking action, and importantly, from getting enjoyment or satisfaction from our work, relationships, life, etc.

Mindfulness coaching is about focusing the brain back to the now. Coming back to centre. Seeing, smelling, hearing, touching + feeling what is in front of us. Choosing to focus on and deal with what we can control right now. Training and familiarising ourselves with trusting our future self to deal with the things that happen later.



Mindfulness coaching is a process of training and familiarising your brain, through coaching, to get in to (or, back in to!) more mindful habits.


We spend time understanding what impact your current state is having on your current situation and goals. Together, we sift through your thought patterns, beliefs and daily habits. We explore what sits beneath these and what drives them. We explore + experiment with ways to lighten the hold of the things that are not serving you, and turn up the volume on the things that will.


It's important to note that everyone will move at a different pace. Taking one step forward and two steps back, then five steps forward and five back is very normal. Mindfulness based coaching works well with a lot of compassion, because it is an ongoing process that will shift day to day and across different life events.

My approach draws on a range of tools, exercises + methods from life coaching, NLP and yoga therapy. We work together to experiment with the tools that work for you and then develop a plan and toolkit that you can take away for yourself.

We can also blend mindfulness with other areas of coaching, like life coaching, business coaching, career coaching etc. 



There are a wealth of amazing tools + books out there to help you cultivate your mindfulness practice on your own.

Not to mention some of my personal favourites: The 6 Minute Diary, Headspace's YouTube channel, Better Sex Through Mindfulness by Lori A. Brotto, and, of course, yoga classes!

But sometimes, you need that extra bit of support. Someone to work with you in a tailored way for your own unique situation. And it's a strong thing to do to ask for help.


If you know that it's your mind getting in your way, then mindfulness coaching is an option worth exploring.

Some signs that might make you consider working with a mindfulness life coach:

  • ​​​​​​​Knowing what you need to do and not doing it

  • Having good intentions for the day, but spending most of it worrying

  • Feeling frustrated with yourself for not fulfilling your potential

  • Overworking in a non-efficient way 

  • Overthinking or negative self talk

  • Not enjoying the little wins and moments in your day to day 




A mindfulness coach is there to hold the space for you to develop your mindfulness practice in an aligned way with your goals.

There are many benefits of this, but 3 of the main ones are:


We often feel that we are too busy in the mind, too in our heads, like we don't have time or space to think about what we're doing. Mindfulness coaching creates space. It slows things down so that you have space to breathe and think. It gives you opportunities to pause and find a bit more lightness or clarity in your day to day. Yum.


A stronger 'mindfulness' muscle = more appreciation of things in your day to day.

How often do you miss the nice smells, mini moments of connection, beautiful views or yummy grounding sensations because you're too stuck in your busy head? When your mindfulness practice starts to become more automatic or 'go-to' for your brain, you will notice these things more. Sounds nice, right?

3. more conscious decisions

One of the best things about mindfulness coaching is that it gives mindfulness a greater purpose for your life. The coaching process will be there to explore + identify your personal goals, challenges, opportunities. The mindfulness process will be there to serve it and help you get there. It means that you will become more conscious of WHY you want to do something, why you ARE doing something, and HOW you want to do it. The things you will notice can be subtle and huge, and often diffuse a lot of the blocks and worries you had before.



Deep-dive Intro session (2-hr)

A 2-hr session to explore everything that's going on for you and your goals.

You'll complete a reflective worksheet beforehand.

This session creates the groundwork for our work together.

Holding session / Another block /

One off sessions

Once you finish your block, you may feel happy with where we get to and choose to wrap it up.

There is also the option for:

a) Holding Session-

We review + note down the insights, tools + other things that will keep you on track

b) Another Block-

Coaching can be like a ball of string. You may want to keep unravelling something and keep up the work

c) One Off Sessions-

If you'd like to dip back in every now and then, I offer one off sessions to work or move through anything on your mind

Ready to get started?
Let's talk about what you want to work on and what support you need. 

Say hello!

Let's introduce ourselves + have a discounted taster session about your situation.


Ask any questions about how I work, how I can help, and any more practical things.

Regular (1-hr) sessions

Depending on your goals + situation, you can sign up for 4x or 8x sessions.

We move through these at a pace + frequency to suit you.


The content + approach is tailored to you + your needs.

Perhaps interactive tools in session, guided meditations, or simply talking.

I'm always here

for you!

You're always welcome to reach out to me in the future.

Sometimes a 6 or 12 month break is nice before another stint of coaching work.

I am happy to work with you over as short or long period of time that is right for you.



photo of Hannah Ray life coach Amsterdam

I bring a strong combination approach via my backgrounds in both coaching and yoga. I can work with a greater emphasis on goals, or mindfulness, depending on the balance that is right for you.

I can bring in a more intuitive or spiritual approach to mindfulness, or if you want more practical action, I can bring that too.

I offer in-person mindfulness coaching in Amsterdam. I offer this in a coaching room with chairs + a sofa. I also have a room with a body-work table at my practice so can offer a range of environments for various methods + exercises.

Alternatively, I can work as an online mindfulness coach with you if it is easier.



Mindfulness can be a slippery fish! It will flip + flop day to day. Sometimes you will feel you have great hold of it, then it will suddenly feel like it's disappeared.

This is all part of it!


Here are some common (and very normal) challenges people face with mindfulness:

  • Patience + perseverance

  • Prioritising time to practice it

  • Thoughts or feelings arising that you are less comfortable with 

  • Not feeling you can focus; getting constantly distracted

  • Thinking you have to sit still and becoming physically uncomfortable




Introductory taster session (30mins):


5 sessions

2hr Deep dive Intro session + 4x 1hr sessions over 2-3 months:


(or 2x payments of 480€)


9 sessions

2hr Deep dive Intro session + 8x 1hr sessions over 4 months:


(or 4x payments of 400€)

Single 1-hr sessions: 165€

Single 30-min sessions: 85€


Payment is taken up front to confirm session booking.

Sessions can be cancelled or moved free of charge up to 48h in advance.

After that, you will not be refunded / will forfeit the session if part of a block, as I'll have saved that time and my attention for you. Thank you for understanding.

VAT-registered businesses can reclaim the VAT and usually expense coaching against your business.

If you are a full time employee, companies often have training + development budgets that you could investigate.