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CAREER Coaching
in Amsterdam

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Hi, I'm Hannah - a career coach based in Amsterdam. 

Grappling with the next (or current) stage of your career can bring up a lot of stuff. If you feel a bit lost about it, stressed, or know what you want but aren't sure how to go about it, I'm here for you.

I'm always here for a conversation. Book a call + say hi.

Photo of Hannah Ray best life coach in Amsterdam


The aim of career coaching is to help you explore what you want in your career and how you want to go about getting there.


My definition of career coaching is to facilitate your exploration of all the various facets that make up your career + goals. To hold space for you to consider how they affect, hold back, or open opportunities for other parts of your life.

A career coach listens, reflects + questions. They bring in tools, worksheets, exercises or methods that help the person explore ideas + options, sort through their thoughts + behaviours, develop professional + personal goals, create useful processes and systems for work, set boundaries that help them stay on track, and more.


It is worth clarifying that a career coach is not a career consultant. I will not advise you on what job I think you should do or what you should say in order to get promoted! I can help you find your own answers to these questions so you can move towards a career and work set up that is more fulfilling, and approach work in a way that is more in service of you.



A career coach works as a thinking partner to help you more deeply explore + decide how you want your career to work, how you want to approach your career and how you want + need your career to serve you.

I can help you with things like:

Career Development

Even if you are in the same career your whole life, you will likely experience different phases, acts, and chapters of it. Or maybe a new phase, act, or chapter is exactly what you're trying to create! This work can feel subtle, so working with a career coach can help you locate, unpick, and untangle all the little threads that you need to pull on to get moving.

Career Change

If you've reached the point of no return, and know that change has to happen, it's a good time to find a career coach to support you in figuring it out and making it happen. Sometimes the change is external (a new industry, job, or role), sometimes the change is internal (different beliefs about yourself + work, different ways of showing up). Wherever you are, we will explore everything driving the need for change, what you want to do with it, and how you can do it.

Vision + Goal Setting

What's the end game? Where do you want to go? What are you committed to experiencing next? Vision + goal setting doesn't have to be all tangible KPIs and defined results. It can be those things if they are helpful to you. But it can also be more feeling- or intuition-based. It can be just as powerful to imagine your ideal life in 3 years in a more abstract way. We can explore how you want your career to feel, what sensations you want to experience on a regular basis, and explore what you could do in order to make it a reality.

*THOSE* Tricky Conversations

We've all been there. The apple in the throat. The trying to be a rational adult when you want to explode. Letting someone down. Asking for the promotion (and the pay rise that should go with it!). Overcoming our own conditioning that society, culture, history, and/or gender has given us in order to ask for what we want and are worth. My career coaching services can help you navigate these conversations and show up for yourself in the way that feels right and good.


If you're struggling with things like imposter syndrome, over working, people pleasing, burnout or anxiety, working with a career coach can introduce you to a wealth of tools that can help you manage and move with or through it. Career counselling may be a better route for you if it is having a deeper and wider impact on your mental health, but I see in many clients, and have seen in myself, how coaching tools + exercises can alleviate the pressure, widen your perspective, and really help you manage things better.



There are many amazing friends, career mentors and managers who can help you with great advice. However, you are your greatest source of self-knowledge. You are your greatest resource to create a career that serves you. Sometimes we just need a bit of help accessing, trusting + actioning it. This is where career coaching sessions can come in handy.

You might think "I need a career coach!" if you want help with:

  • ​​​​​​​Navigating the politics of a career in your industry's culture

  • Making a career change

  • Developing greater self-belief and self-esteem

  • Managing anxiety and stress

  • Developing healthier processes that support you + your productivity

  • Managing or leading people

  • Creating a greater sense of wellbeing, energy and balance in relation to your work

  • Articulating your career vision and setting goals

  • Connecting with your creativity

Photo of Hannah Ray TAKE life coaching Amsterdam


There are many advantages of a career coach in your life.

Imagine having someone who is there to listen - without industry bias, without office politics, without personal/professional judgement + without expectation.


Someone who hears and collects all the things about you that feed in to your career + life, then reflects them back to you in a way that allows you to make more informed opinions and conscious decisions about where you're going and how you can go there.

Someone who's role is to facilitate you discovering + creating your own version of success, in whatever form that needs to be, now and next.

That's career coaching!


Here's a list of benefits career coaching can offer:

  1.   Support without agenda or pressure

  2.   Increased self-awareness + perspective

  3.   Navigating industry, career or office politics

  4.   Understanding what success means to YOU​​​​​​​

  5.   Taking control of your career, vs. it controlling you

  6.   Opening your mind to what opportunities you have

  7.   Managing various career-related anxieties + stresses

  8.   Increasing confidence in what your strengths are + using them

  9.   Learning new ways to approach situations

  10.   Increasing day-to-day satisfaction in your work + career

  11.   Developing performance for a current, desired, or new role

  12.   Exploring + nurturing your motivation / creativity / vision

And more...


Say hello!

Let's introduce ourselves + have a discounted first chat about your situation.


Ask any questions about how I work, how I can help, and any more practical things.

Deep-dive Intro session


A 2-hr session to explore everything that's going on for you and your goals.

You'll complete a reflective worksheet beforehand.

This session creates the groundwork for our work together.

Holding session / Another block /

One off sessions

Once you finish your block, you may feel happy with where we get to and choose to wrap it up.

There is also the option for:

a) Holding Session-

We review + note down the insights, tools + other things that will keep you on track

b) Another Block-

Coaching can be like a ball of string. You may want to keep unravelling something and keep up the work

c) One Off Sessions-

If you'd like to dip back in every now and then, I offer one off sessions to work or move through anything on your mind

Ready to get things moving?
Let's talk about what you want to work on and where you want to go. 

Regular (1-hr) sessions

Depending on your goals + situation, you can sign up for 3 or 6 months of bi-weekly sessions.


The content + approach is tailored to you + your needs.

Perhaps interactive tools in session, journaling exercises between sessions, or simply talking.

I'm always here

for you!

You're always welcome to reach out to me in the future.

Sometimes a 6 or 12 month break is nice before another stint of coaching work.

I am happy to work with you over as short or long period of time that is right for you.




- school students -

- undergraduates -

- graduates -

I offer career coaching for students. Whether you're a school student, undergraduate, graduate, there is work we can do together.

If you're feeling the pressure about what career to decide on, unsure how to go about exploring your options, or aren't sure what kinds of career your studies could lead to, I'm here to help!

We can talk about your goals, what drew you to your studies, what skills you already have + which you want to develop. We can discuss what the easiest next steps would be, as well as your longer term vision + aims.


I can help facilitate you to work through the things you need to work through to set up or start to shape your career path.








I offer executive career coaching in Amsterdam and beyond.

If you work in a company, then executive coaching applies to you.

Perhaps you work in a large, international corporate, or a small indie agency. Perhaps you are running a start up or are at the very start of your career.

Whatever your context is, you will have your own unique challenges and opportunities. I can help you identify and pinpoint what these are, and help you hone the skills, thoughts, + actions you need to take to help you find your own way of getting there.

I offer my career coaching services both externally and internally. So I can either work with you personally outside of your company, or I can also be brought in to coach a team or individuals within an organisation.

For 1-1 sessions, my usual costs + disclaimers apply.

For internal organisation coaching, please drop me an email to discuss options.






I offer career coaching for creatives in the Netherlands, as well as the UK and other countries in Europe.

Creativity is a funny, dancing thing. It comes, it goes, it makes sense, it doesn't make sense anymore, it gets blocked, it surges!

And, working as a creative in a business sense, you are expected to produce. But creativity isn't always on 24/7. This can lead us to experience a variety of things that challenge our feelings of success, ability, joy, productivity, etc. 

Career coaching can help you manage you relationship with your own creativity + productivity. It can help you manage the balance between creating for creation vs. commercial, and better approach some of the more anxiety-charged feelings and career decisions that arise when working as a creative.



When you're looking for a career coach, it's important to find, not just someone who's experience you find relevant, but someone who you feel you can talk to and share with.


As someone who has had 10 years experience climbing the creative corporate ladder, made their own career change, and now runs 3 strands of work under one larger career /business theme, I get it!

I have explored, and continue to explore, what my career means to me and therefore how I need to shift + manage things in order to make it work in the way I want it to.


My greatest learning, is that it is different for everyone. Although we may face similar challenges + opportunities, we all have our own very unique ways of dealing with it. There is no one size fits all.


Which is why the most important part of my process is listening to you. Without jumping to conclusions, without judging, and without expectation.


I am here to help you connect with your own unique wants, needs, strengths, challenges, desires + contexts. I believe that helping you explore + align with this is what will allow you to create your own version of career success.

I offer discounted intake sessions. Say hello, let's have a chat, and you can see if I'm the right career coach for you.

  • What is a Life Coach?
    Life coaches provide a safe space for you to explore where you are, where you want to go, what is holding you back, and what you can work on to get there. The main purpose is to be a thinking partner for you to explore + facilitate your own creativity + answers so that you can take your next step.
  • What should I expect from a Life Coach?
    A life coach helps you explore + reconnect with your own sense of self and resourcefulness. You should expect to be deeply listened to, asked questions, have someone reflect yourself back to you, and engage with tools, exercises etc. that help you find your own answers and figure out what you want to do with them. You should expect complete confidentiality, non-judgement, and unconditional positive regard. You can expect to have regular check ins about what is working or not working, and how you can keep moving forwards together.
  • Why might I need a Life Coach?
    Often people wait until they're in a sticky situation, or things have gotten a little too bad. If you're in this place, then you might need a life coach to help you explore what got you here, and how you want to move through + out of it. ​ Working with a life coach is also great when things feel pretty good, too. Life coaching can take your life from fine or good, to extra exciting, calmer and more content, or more fulfilling.
  • What are the benefits of hiring a Life Coach?
    - Navigating or making changes in career, work, business or personal life - Developing self-awareness, self-trust, self-belief, and self-esteem - Managing anxiety and stress - Setting + managing boundaries - Replenishing sense of wellbeing, energy and balance - Developing visions and setting goals - Exploring and articulating ideas, thoughts or feelings - Connecting with your creativity - Creating strategies, structures + frameworks for (sustainable!) action
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