in Amsterdam


Hi, I'm Hannah - a business coach based in Amsterdam. 

I work with small business owners, (perhaps like you!). 

From dog groomers, to couples opening boutique hotels or padel clubs, PR consultants, photography freelancers, and swimwear entrepreneurs. 


I help you align with your wants, needs + natural strengths, then explore + create your own version of success.

I bring 10 years experience as a brand strategy consultant, ICF-accredited business + life coach, and yoga therapy teacher.


If that sounds good, say hi and let's talk business coaching!

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The definition of business coaching is not much different from that of normal coaching, apart from the fact that the content and goals are focused on business.


It is a collaborative process, where the coach holds space for someone (e.g. a small business owner, an entrepreneur, a freelancer) to explore the things they want to explore + create in their business. That could be anything from their vision, their objectives, their timelines, to work life balance, or to do list.

As your business coach, I listen, reflect, and question. I bring in tools, worksheets, exercises or methods that help you:

-  Find + maintain perspective

-  Sort through your thoughts

-  Prioritise tasks + goals

-  Clarify direction

-  Set boundaries that help you manage your energy

and more.


It is worth clarifying that business coaching does not mean business consulting or business mentoring. It is not about giving advice or directly discussing ideas.

If that is something you are more interested in, I also offer brand consulting.

Either way, arrange a free intro call with me and we can discuss your needs and how I could work with you. 




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A business coach works as a thinking partner to help you more deeply explore how you want your business to work, how you manage the day-to-day running of it, and how you want your business to serve you.

They help you connect your professional goals with your personal goals so that you and your business can evolve + work in better alignment with yourself.

Through a number of business coaching sessions, we work together to draw out what really matters, why it is important, what you can do yourself and where you want support. 

We can spend time defining where you want to go, how you want to get there, when you want to get there, and how you will know how you're doing. As your business coach, I am there to keep you connected to why you're doing what you're doing, keep you on track and hold you accountable.

I am not here to tell you what you should do, what I would do, or what success should look like for you.

I am here to hold dedicated time and space for you to think about one of the most important things in your life!


WHen WOULD business owners CONSIDER A business COACH?

Running your own business can be liberating, fun and personally challenging.

In many cases, it's tricky to separate yourself from your business, or, the other way round, to bring more of you in to it. 

You might find a business coach if you want help with:

  • ​​​​​​​Navigating the rollercoaster of running your own business

  • Developing greater self-belief and self-esteem

  • Managing anxiety and stress

  • Setting + managing boundaries

  • Replenishing sense of wellbeing, energy and balance 

  • Articulating your vision and setting goals

  • Connecting with your creativity

  • Creating strategies, structures + frameworks for (sustainable!) growth or action

  • Making useful plans, and sticking to them




Deep-dive Intro session


A 2-hr session to explore everything that's going on for you and your goals.

You'll complete a reflective worksheet beforehand.

This session creates the groundwork for our work together.

Say hello!

Let's introduce ourselves + have a discounted introduction session about your situation.


Ask any questions about how I work, how I can help, and any more practical things.

Holding session / Another block /

One off sessions

Once you finish your block, you may feel happy with where we get to and choose to wrap it up.

There is also the option for:

a) Holding Session-

We review + note down the insights, tools + other things that will keep you on track

b) Another Block-

Coaching can be like a ball of string. You may want to keep unravelling something and keep up the work

c) One Off Sessions-

If you'd like to dip back in every now and then, I offer one off sessions to work or move through anything on your mind

Ready to get things moving?
Let's talk about what you want to work on and where you want to go. 

Regular (1-hr) sessions

Depending on your goals + situation, you can sign up for 4x or 8x sessions.

We move through these at a pace + frequency to suit you.


The content + approach is tailored to you + your needs.

Perhaps interactive tools in session, journaling exercises between sessions, or simply talking.

I'm always here

for you!

You're always welcome to reach out to me in the future.

Sometimes a 6 or 12 month break is nice before another stint of coaching work.

I am happy to work with you over as short or long period of time that is right for you.





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I offer small business coaching in Amsterdam and beyond, to people who own (or want to own) their own business (or businesses!).


Many owners start their own thing for more satisfaction + fulfilment. You may be already well in to the journey and working in your business full time, or planning to start it on the side of your usual job. 

When it comes to the day to day, we realise that there is perhaps more to the job than just doing the thing we love - you also need to be a marketer, sales person, SEO specialist, finance manager, tax advisor, social media manager, etc.

Managing + balancing the needs of the business with your own personal needs is an art, and will change over time and across life contexts.


Business coaching can help you stay connected to where your energy is, where you need to offload or find support, what you need to prioritise, and how you can set goals in a way that is sustainable for you.



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I offer business coaching for entrepreneurs in Amsterdam and Europe.


Starting a venture in order to create a profitable business that you can live off, or eventually sell, takes dedication and nouse.

Business coaching can help you get clear + directive on what you need to achieve, how, and by when. 

We can work together to create a solid plan. Including a range of financial, business + brand objectives, and the key jobs to be done, milestones, and wins that you need to hit in order to achieve them.

Business coaching sessions provide valuable + dedicated time for you think about what you need to think about. Time to regularly check in with your progress. It keeps you on track + accountable.

Some entrepreneurs I work with are also interested in working with me as a business coach consultant. Check out my brand consulting services page for packages or contact me for more details.



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I offer executive business coaching in Amsterdam and beyond, for freelancers.

One of the key reasons I hear people saying they go freelance is to take more control over their work + time. However, we often end up entering back in to the same cycles, habits + behaviours we had when we were full time employed.

Business coaching can help you come back to your why. It can help you come back to your personal values + goals so that you can review the way you find + take on work, and more consciously recreate it as you want it to be. It's about putting the choice back in your hands.

Business coaching can also be the dedicated time + space to revisit the more practical side of things.

How much do you want and need to earn? How many weeks of the year do you want to work? How do you set your day rate? etc.

It can also give you space to ponder on what skills you want to develop further, where you want your work to go in the future, and how you want it to serve other areas of your life.



When you're looking for a business coach, it's important to find, not just someone who's business experience you find relevant, but someone who you feel you can talk to and share with.


I have experience working as a strategist for corporate businesses - like eBay, Google, Tinder, adidas + Danone - who are all about numbers, profit, KPIs and growth.

I also have experience holding space for the stuff you can't put numbers to in my yoga teaching and coaching training.


The most important part of my process though, is listening. Without jumping to conclusions, without judging, and without expectation.


This is because I believe that your business will be most satisfying + distinctive when it is a reflection of and in service of YOU. Not what anyone else tells you it should be.

I offer discounted taster sessions. Say hello, let's have a chat, and you can see if I'm the business coach for you.



Some typical challenges that business coaching can work with (but is by no means limited to!):

  • Time management + work life balance

  • Developing and crystallising your vision

  • Finding + implementing systems, structures, processes, roles + responsibilities that are useful to you

  • Getting familiar with your finances

  • Balancing short-term and long-term thinking




Introductory taster session (30mins):


5 sessions

2hr Deep dive Intro session + 4x 1hr sessions over 2-3 months:


(or 2x payments of 480€)


9 sessions

2hr Deep dive Intro session + 8x 1hr sessions over 4 months:


(or 4x payments of 400€)

Single 1-hr sessions: 165€

Single 30-min sessions: 85€


Payment is taken up front to confirm session booking.

Sessions can be cancelled or moved free of charge up to 48h in advance.

After that, you will not be refunded / will forfeit the session if part of a block, as I'll have saved that time and my attention for you. Thank you for understanding.

VAT-registered businesses can reclaim the VAT and usually expense coaching against your business.

If you are a full time employee, companies often have training + development budgets that you could investigate. My corporation rates add 30%.