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September 2023, I will be running two more group coaching programmes in Amsterdam. 

One group coaching for expats, and one group coaching for business owners, founders and self employed people.

  • Group coaching is brilliant to remind you that you are not alone in what you are dealing with or trying to create

  • Group coaching is, financially, more accessible than 1-1 personal coaching

  • Group coaching introduces you to a wider range of perspectives, which can help open your mind when you're feeling stuck, have more ideas, and see things from fresh angles

  • Having the connection and support of peers in group coaching ups your confidence as you practice sharing and engaging with people in meaningful ways

  • Finally, and very importantly, group coaching is a supercharged way to teach you about yourself, your values, your blindspots, your strengths and ambitions

group coaching for small business owners and self employed people: 6 weeks

group business coach amsterdam.jpeg

500€ + 21% BTW

group coaching for expats in amsterdam:
4 weeks

coaching for expats amsterdam.jpeg

370€ + 21% BTW

group coaching in amsterdam: CLUBS + EVENTS

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