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1:1 life, business + career coaching 

Let's work together to grow your self trust & clarity,
so you can create your *own* version of success

Read on for what that looks like and to see investment options
Or if you're already ready...

Coaching is something we do together

It is a relationship that we co-create to develop a safe, supportive and effective space to work from.


We have a shared responsibility to shape our work around your evolving goals, needs, and challenges as your journey unfolds and shifts.


It works a bit differently with every person I work with, which is a good thing, because everyone is a bit different and no one size fits all.


I personalise the modalities, tools and approach to you as we sift through and build layers of thinking, perspectives, ideas, inner work, actions and confidence.

It's a priority to continue to check in with you on what's working or not, any feedback or anything you'd like to do differently, and where we go next.

I promise you my unwavering presence and commitment to you and *your* unique journey, unconditional belief in and support of your capability, and the absolute best of my coaching tools, brain and being.

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1:1 coaching programmes and sessions

english business coach amsterdam

With most new clients (especially if you are new to coaching), we work together in a more supported and focused way for quarter or half a year in a completely personalised coaching container. (See below for other options).

Coaching containers include:  

  • 2-hr 'life audit' session to kick off, followed by 75-min coaching sessions every 2 weeks (5x in quarter, 11x in half)

  • Bespoke tools, methods + exercises for you and your specific goals + challenges, both in live sessions, and in between sessions as 'homework'

  • Coaching 'on the go'; Whatsapp or email communication between sessions so that you can share reflections or get some extra support with exercises and processing

  • Closing worksheet to identify + integrate learnings

  • Check-in session 1 month after we finish

Curious? Interested? Raring to go? 

I offer discounted 45-min intake sessions to explore how we could work together, make sure we're a match and decide how you want to proceed.

€75 incl. VAT

Investments for new clients:

 Quarter year container: 1800€ + 21% VAT

 Half year container: 3300€ + 21% VAT

Payments plans available

Investments for returning clients (hi!):

 Renew a quarter or half year container for continued hands on support

 Buy a session-by-session block (valid over 12 months) for a more flexible approach

> 6x sessions: 1200€ + 21% VAT // 12x sessions: 2400€ + 21% VAT

Blocks can also be an option if you have had coaching before and want a more flexible or less intensive approach. Please contact me for this option.

I take on a limited number of clients to ensure you get the best quality of attention and focus from me. It is a committed investment, so please do so intentionally. E-mail me if you'd like to clarify anything before booking an intake session.

Whether you are coming for life coaching, business coaching, career coaching, coaching for small business owners, yoga therapy or mindfulness coaching, you can work with me in the above ways. My work usually is a tailored blend of all these types of coaching, depending on your own unique goals, as I work holistically and integratively.

(If you are looking for my brand consulting + brand positioning for small businesses, please email me).

Corporate partnerships:
coaching for companies

Is your team going through a meaningful moment of change? 

  • Perhaps a shake up in team dynamics and trust due to restructuring, redundancies or rapid company growth?

  • Managers getting to grips with new responsibilities

  • Internal conflicts or wobbling team performance?


I'm delighted to offer workshops and 1-1 coaching for progressive companies that prioritise their people's wellbeing in Amsterdam, London and Europe.

I offer executive coaching, leadership coaching, professional development coaching, burnout coaching, confidence coaching, and more.

I support your employees with professional development, management and leadership skills, working towards promotions, performance and mindset, managing work life balance and stress, and working through personal challenges in order to find greater satisfaction with their work.

I've coached employees from companies like:, Nike, IKEA, Tony's Chocolonely, Phillips, PVH, 72andSunny, as well as smaller independent companies, tech start ups and arts agencies.

To create a sense of trust, depth + safety, the content of sessions is strictly kept between myself and the individuals I coach. But I can work with Head of People, the HR team, or team managers to consult + advise on ways to improve their employees' sense of wellbeing, confidence, and professional development.​

I create tailor made packages of sessions for individuals or teams, depending on your unique challenges + requirements.

Please get in touch for more information - I'd love to hear from you.


In person sessions are Wednesdays 8.45-14.30; Thursdays on request; Fridays 8.45-14.30. 

Online sessions are Tuesdays 10.00-15.00, Wednesdays 10-12.


I invite you to book a recurring, consistent time so that you can schedule to protect time and space for sessions in your calendar. It also enables us to build a firm relationship of trust + ongoing support and keeps momentum for the work we do together.

Payment is taken up front or in monthly instalments. 

If payment is not received on time, you may not be able to keep your bookings or your ability to book sessions will be paused.


Sessions can be cancelled or moved free of charge up to 48h in advance.

After that, you will not be refunded / will forfeit the session, as I'll have saved that time and my attention for you. Thank you for understanding.


Pricing is the base price + 21% BTW, meaning that 21% BTW will be added at purchase.

This excludes the intake session which price is shown incl. BTW.


BTW- and KVK-registered businesses can reclaim BTW and usually expense coaching against your business. For this, I will need your KVK and BTW numbers for my accounts and the invoice.


If you are a full time employee, companies often have training + development budgets that you can investigate to cover part or all of the investment. Let me know if you need any advice or extra communication with this.

discounted coaching / PRO BONO WORK

Coaching is not the most accessible for many who would benefit from it. It's important to me to offer more accessible routes in where I can.

DISCOUNTED COACHING: I save a number of lower cost coaching places each year for people on low incomes, out of work, or in tricky situations. Please do get in touch with me if this is you, along with a bit of info about why you want to be coached and your feasible budget. I currently have 1 spot for Q2.

PRO BONO: I also work with a couple of initiatives each year on a pro-bono basis e.g. volunteer coach on STAP-funded female entrepreneur scheme e.g. confidence workshops for teenagers. I am open for conversations regarding 2024.


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