Whether you are coming for life coaching, business coaching, career coaching, coaching for small business owners, yoga therapy or mindfulness coaching, you can work with me in the below ways:

(If you are looking for my brand consulting for small businesses + brand positioning, please click HERE).

Photo of Hannah Ray TAKE career coaching Amsterdam

(5 sessions over 2-3 months)

If you have an upcoming transition in your life and/or work that you want to move through in a conscious and aligned way, this is for you.

For example: settling in to a promotion, moving to a new country, reviewing a change in your business, quitting or starting a new job.

What you get:

  • 1x 2-hr Intro deep dive session

  • 4x 1-hr coaching sessions

  • Tools & methods tailored to you each session

  • In-between-session worksheets, exercises, recorded guided meditations, journaling promtps etc.

  • Option to work in-person in Amsterdam, or online from anywhere

Investment (inc. VAT):



2x monthly payments of 480€

(9 sessions over 4-5 months)

If you're looking to make a greater shift, and either aren't quite sure what it looks like yet, or aren't sure where to start, this is for you.

Take space to consistently show up for and tend to yourself and receive my ongoing support throughout a season of personal growth + change.

For example: changing career or employment status, finding a more purposeful connection with your work, recovering from burnout, growing through a relationship end, reevaluating how you want to live your life and what matters to you.

What you get:

  • 1x 2-hr Intro deep dive session

  • 8x 1-hr coaching sessions

  • A live, shared 'coaching plan' to stay connected to your goals and process

  • My toolbox of tools & methods tailored to you and to each session

  • A thinking partner throughout a season of change

  • In-between-session worksheets, exercises, recorded guided meditations, journaling promtps etc. 

  • My inbox, to share reflections between sessions

  • Time + flexibility to explore what we need to explore at your own pace

  • A 'half way' check in

  • Option to work in-person in Amsterdam, or online from anywhere

Investment (inc. VAT):



4x monthly payments of 400€


If you prefer to take a more flexible approach, you are welcome to pay as you go and book single 1hr coaching sessions.

Investment (inc. VAT):


coaching for companies

I am delighted to offer various workshops and internal group or 1-1 coaching programmes for corporates and creative companies in Amsterdam, London and Europe.

This work is designed to facilitate personal and professional development for individuals within a workplace culture.

Workshops include:

  • Exploring + Expressing Your Voice

  • Burnout, Boundaries + Work Life Balance

  • Changing What It Means To Be Confident

  • What Is A Career?


    Connecting With Your Creative Flow


I offer group or 1-1 coaching programmes for junior-midweight women.​

Prices + content ranges, depending on your requirements.

Please get in touch for more information - I'd love to hear from you.


I currently offer in-person sessions on Tuesdays between 8.30-14.30.

Online sessions on Wednesdays between 9.00-15.30.

The 2hr Intro sessions often take place on a Thursday - I have some flexibility with this.

There are limited slots, so please contact me for availability.


Sessions are booked at least 3 days in advance. We often book a recurring, consistent time so that you can schedule to protect that time and space in your calendar.

Payment is taken up front to confirm session booking.

If payment is not received 3 days before the session, you may not be able to keep your booking.

In the case of monthly payments, this applies to corresponding monthly sessions.


Sessions can be cancelled or moved free of charge up to 48h in advance.

After that, you will not be refunded / will forfeit the session if part of a block, as I'll have saved that time and my attention for you. Thank you for understanding.


VAT-registered businesses can reclaim the VAT and usually expense coaching against your business. For this, I will need your VAT-registration number for the invoice.

Emplyoer-funded coaching

If you are a full time employee, companies often have training + development budgets that you could investigate. My corporation rates add 30%.